S O S! Save Our Students: Solutions for Schools, Staff, Students, Stakeholders, & Society (Paperback)


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Overwhelmed by educational demands? Stuck in a classroom where you feel unappreciated? Frustrated with students? There are SOLUTIONS! Learn to unleash your own inner super-HERO and save yourself and our students in this book where focus groups agree, “Everybody should read this book!” In SOS! Save Our Students, award-winning education expert Lori Bitar offers stories and solutions that illustrate how you can learn how to re-frame, shape and unleash specific behaviors to help students, staff, and schools experience success by tapping into social-emotional learning competencies. H: Do your actions/behaviors help, not hinder? E: Do your actions/behaviors engage, not exclude? R: Do your actions/behaviors resuscitate, not ruin? O: Do your actions/behaviors overjoy, not obliterate? Use the book club discussion guide in the back to deepen your work and support your Professional Learning Community. There is no need to wait for anybody—you are already a super-HERO, and it’s time to unleash it!