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Our mission is to break down barriers to school success for everyone! We’ve found that some of the greatest barriers to school success for K-12 students are family stress, poverty, learning disabilities, and psychological problems. In addition to this, students and teachers alike are suffering from mental disengagement and relationship disconnect – while parents are left disillusioned about the state of our education system. 

Every child should have the opportunity to learn. Your funding will help us to: 

  • Provide student tuition scholarships
  • Keep our class sizes small with highly trained and accomplished instructors
  • Maintain specialized programming catered to individuals with learning disabilities
  • Stay ahead of the technology curve in introducing specialized curriculum
  • Transportation for families in need
  • Free enrichment programs that include but are not limited to Entrepreneurship, Engineering, College Ready, Self-Care/Vision Boards, and Self-Advocacy

Everyone should have the opportunity to receive quality education and supplemental help where needed. Our work is leading the way in improving literacy and numeracy skills, helping teachers to teach, and children to learn. Give a tax deductible donation now!

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Without Lori and her team our son would have never made it! My son has a leaning disability we were unaware of. We were able to take part in a scholarship program that allowed Academic Advocates to create a custom program that would meet HIS needs. Thank you will never feel like enough.

Tess Jones

Parent, 8th Grader

I’ve always struggled in school. I felt like I had to study three times as hard to pass and I hated learning. Ms. Lori and her team helped me get organized, create positive study habits, and fall in love with learning. If it weren’t for her team I wouldn’t have gone to college. Thanks for everything!

Sam King

Student, 12th Grader

My daughter has always struggled to keep up in school. Nothing came easy and I wasn’t sure what options we’d have for private tutors due to me being a single mom. One day a friend recommended I contact Academic Advocates. I did and our lives changed forever. My daughter is now on track to make the honor roll!

Clarissa Hamilton

Parent, 10th Grader

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