Our Why

There is a nationwide educational crisis: 

  • Thousands of kids are missing from school
  • 52% of high school students are failing
  • Skills are declining 

In 4 months students have missed the equivalent of:



Our Founder

Academic Advocates was born as a result of our award-winning founder Lori Bitar’s relentless quest to support students and families in ways that made sense and made a difference! As a young teacher, Lori knew the value of relationships and the impact they had on student success in school. Her love of teaching and students drove her to craft lessons that were engaging and empowering and FUN! 

Her peers noticed her outstanding results with students and nominated her as the Teacher of the Year!  As honored as she was, she saw clearly how the stifling bureaucracy of public school hindered her ability to help students in ways they needed. 

She launched her first education enterprise, Tutors Unlimited, with immediate success. Parents were eager to have personalized, research-based tutoring for their children.  The results were outstanding! Students were thriving and enjoying school again. 

As Tutors Unlimited grew, parents asked her to take things to a larger scale and start a charter school. As the founder of a new charter school, Touchdowns4Life, more families were experiencing the non-traditional teaching and learning that Lori and her team knew how to deliver.  Not only were the students achieving significant gains, the school garnered a Governor’s TOP 100 Middle School award for achievement. 

At that moment, Lori knew she had to take her work across the U.S. and support schools that were struggling to help students. As a nationwide educational consultant, Lori began to engage and empower the teachers who were in floundering classrooms. Unfortunately,  the bureaucracy and subtle bigotry of diminished expectations blocked the way for her to assist the schools that needed it most.  

Determined to get information into the hands of staff, students, and stakeholders who wanted help, she wrote and published her first resource book: SOS! Save Our Students.  It is a compilation of stories where she serves as the SuperHERO with her sidekick students to fight the arch-enemies of education: Bureaucracy, Poverty, Gangs, and a myriad of issues that impact students all over the world. 

Lori always knew she was born to help students unleash the superpowers they already had inside: the students were the true SuperHEROES and she was their sidekick. 

Today she is on a quest to design, develop, and deliver MicroSchool pods to students in grades 6-12 who are tasked with the bewildering, inconsistent, and often overwhelming demands of remote learning and traditional school models.

Our Partners

We partner with a variety of community groups to guarantee that our parents and students will thrive in their educational endeavors. 

Will you join us in our mission to break down barriers to educational success? Contact our team to partner with us!

Job Openings

-Administration and Sales

-Program Management

If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing company in a sales or administration role, please email your resume to info@academicadvocacy.org 



Here at Academic Advocates we believe that supporting students in breaking down barriers to school success is the most important work we can do.  We also believe that great teachers matter.  Join our growing team! We are looking for the BEST teachers in Colorado Springs who can support students from grades K-12 in a variety of subject areas. Our appointments will be held in-person at our location or student homes.

 Please submit your resume and a cover letter describing how you build relationships with students and how you ensure mastery to info@academicadvocacy.org. Pay is negotiable based on experience and performance bonuses are included in the package. This position could lead to a full-time role in the future.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications and requirements:

  • A completed Bachelor’s Degree
  • Although not required to tutor all subjects, a current or past teacher’s certification is preferred
  • Demonstrated experience teaching or tutoring within your area of expertise
  • Effectively complete our tutor screening and onboarding process
  • Successfully pass a background check


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