Meet Lori Bitar!

Academic Advocates was born as a result of our award-winning founder Lori Bitar’s relentless quest to support students and families in ways that made sense and made a difference! As a young teacher, Lori knew the value of relationships and the impact they had on student success in school. Her love of teaching and students drove her to craft lessons that were engaging, empowering, and FUN! 

Lori always knew she was born to help students unleash the superpowers they already had inside: the students were the true SuperHEROES and she was their sidekick. 

Today she is on a quest to design, develop, and deliver MicroSchool pods and other educational resources to students in grades 6-12 who are tasked with the bewildering, inconsistent, and often overwhelming demands of remote learning and traditional school models. 

Our Why

There is a nationwide educational crisis! Kids are in trouble–they are earning failing grades at record rates. Truancy, suicide, and academic data show a clear and consistent message: They need our help! NOW.

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